Veuve Clicquot Stacks Up Against Anyone! Veuve Clicquot Stacks Up Against Anyone!


IMG_3807The holidays are coming!  Or, as they say on “Game of Thrones”, Winter Is Coming and that means Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years and Veuve Clicquot!




We love Champagne, and we at Portland Oregon Wine find it ironic that while we typically love “natural” wines that are from artisanal, low production wineries, we simply LOVE the mass produced force of nature that is Veuve!


We found this beauty at Trader Joe’s for $54, so far the lowest we have ever seen this pink bubbly.  We were concerned it would be flat (we had visions of cases upon cases sitting in a warehouse for years), but no worries for that concern as it was the usual crisp bubbly.


Thanks to photographer extraordinaire Kevin Focht who helped teach me how to capture the essence of Veuve on film.  While my photography needs work, at least the subject tasted great!




Saturday, September 27, 2014

E & R Wine Shop



free tasting today from high noon to 5 pm:
-prie blanc from highest vines in italy
-poulsard, trousseau & pinot noir blend from bourdy at arlay in jura
-the oregon premiere of kuen hof’s sylvaner of brixen
-sangiovese from piaggia at carmignano
(chuck & mick, photo op)

Great Wine Buys

German Riesling: It’s Great for Thanksgiving!

We’re always going on about how Riesling is great for Thanksgiving; come taste for yourself. All German today from Hexamer, Dr. Loosen, Pazen and more. From dry to fruitier, these lively whites should wake up your palate on a lazy Saturday afternoon. FREE

Liner & Elsen

Italian Lip Smackers: Falchini Vernaccia di San Gimignano Vigna a Solatio, Terredora Dipaolo Falanghina, Brigaldara Valpolicella, Feudi di San Gregorio Aglianico Rubrato, Tintero Grangia, and Sella & Mosca Tanca Farrà.

Vino Wine Shop

Since we made some last minute changes to our weekend lineup lasts eek, we’ll revisit that list for this week’s FREE wine fat at VINO. From 11-6 Saturday and/or 12-5 Sunday, more of our favorite grape-based delights will be available for your consumption and consideration. Please join in because this is pretty fantastic juice…
-2009 GRIFALCO Aglianico del Vulture “Gricos” $18.95…Grown on the slopes of a volcano in the Basiliucata region, Mount Vulture, I thought this was a standout wine at last Friday’s southern Italian tasting and I wanted to share it with a wider audience. This shows that dark, edgy, beautifully rich flavor that makes me salivate, and is simply a spot on aglianico!
-2012 WHOA NELLY Pinot Noir “Willamette Valley” $16.95…from Helioterra winemaker Anne Hubatch, this is a delicious bargain in Oregon pinot!
-2012 EOS Petite Sirah “Lodi” $8.95…we had this incredible, bold, bawdy red in a recent Friday Flight and promptly sold out. As did our distributor. Finally it has returned and I have to share. This is a h*lluva lot of wine for under $9!!
-2013 DOMAINE COUET Coteaux du Giennois $15.95…this is an amazing bottle of sauvignon blanc from France’s Loire Valley. Made from biodynamically farmed grapes, this has that steely, mineral-driven intensity that makes me salivate. With Dungeness crab and oyster season upon us, this is the ticket to wine & food paradise!


Wine Tastings in Portland: Friday, November 7, 2014

November 7, 2014

  Want a special TREAT? Go to E & R Wine Shop tonight to meet the legend Jean-Francois Bourdy, his Jura wines are outstanding, unchanged for hundreds of years, and absolutely mind blowing!  Of course, this mind-blowing experience will cost you $130 a person, but it is worth it as the wines are so unique, […]

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Halloween Wine Tastings in Portland!

October 31, 2014

  This photo is from 2002 Halloween, taken with me and my son at the Multnomah County Library Halloween party, I have no idea if my son is a bumblebee or some sort of monster! Have a great and safe holiday out there! E & R Wine Shop Huge sale! Every Day Wine Owen Roe […]

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Big Sale at E & R This Weekend

October 30, 2014

While a wine sale is not a wine dinner or wine tasting, this sale at E & R seems like a really good one, check it out: From E & R’s press release: E&R’s BIGGEST SALE EVER!   3 days only… Hundreds of wines on sale. Like a sidewalk sale without the sidewalk! 15% off […]

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Portland Wine Tastings: Friday, October 24, 2014

October 24, 2014

  I am visiting my son in the Netherlands this week, and while the country does great gouda, windmills, coffee shops and the red light district (my 12 year old and I did not go there!) they do not have anything on Portland when it comes to wine!  I am looking forward to coming home […]

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Special Wine Tasting At E & R Wine Shop: Sandra Tavares

October 14, 2014

Special Wine Tastings at E & R Wine Shop, from E & R’s Press Release: Reminder tonight (10/14) “If you miss Portuguese wines, you will be missing out on what is arguably the most exciting new wine chapter in 21st-century wine modernity.” -Matt Kramer, Wine Spectator ~SANDRA TAVARES, IN PERSON~ ARGUABLY PORTUGAL’S FINEST WINERIES: QUINTA […]

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Wine Tastings in Portland: Saturday, October 11, 2014

October 11, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014 E & R Wine Shop free (no bonus fee) today 10/11 from noon-5 aosta pink is spicy more like a french vin the lumo blend is cool from adige’s alto eclisse lambrusco’ll rip yer lungs out jim and the fuisse from the macon will shine in yer zalto (sorry!) Great Wine […]

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Portland Wine Tastings, Friday, October 10, 2014

October 10, 2014

Cork Wine Shop Join us this Friday, October 10th from 4pm – 7pm as C&G Wines presents a Rhone Roundup featuring our absolute favorite Cotes du Rhones from Olivier Hillaire and Pierre Usseglio. We’ve added a newcomer this year fromAlbin Jacumin that was my personal favorite at the big preview of 2012 Rhone reds in the Spring. And we’ll […]

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Portland Wine Tastings Saturday: September 27, 2014

September 27, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014 E & R Wine Shop Gift your palate something new — free tasting today from noon to 5pm. Syrah…from Piedmont. Orange Gambellara — what even is that? Cab Franc: French style, Washington terroir. And a Grenache that’s not a youngin anymore. Lilac Wine Without fuss or to-do, that’s perhaps the most […]

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